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What is the 500 Jobs in 500 Days initiative?

500 Jobs in 500 Days is a campaign to place 500 qualified, job-ready TAFE NSW students into jobs within 500 days.

How will it work?

We’ll be bringing together the activities of all our networks and students from Penrith through the North Coast (NSW) region and into Southeast Queensland to work with employers to establish apprenticeships, take on new staff and help place our graduates into the roles they’ve trained for.


Are you ready to be a part of the 500 Jobs in 500 Days initiative?

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A great start

Many of our students have already found employment in the civil construction and related industries. Feedback has been positive – Employers are truly impressed with how well prepared our students are and their exceptional understanding of WHS and safety processes, and have even expressed that our graduate students are proving to be effective and productive staff members as early as their first day at work.

What’s next?

TAFE NSW will partner with key industry bodies and employer networks to identify opportunities for our graduates to start their career in this very exciting industry.

We will be interviewing candidates and following their journey, from early in their studies to graduation and employment.
Stay tuned for more information about how our candidates are progressing. We’re excited to watch them excel and make their way into the workforce.

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